International Muslim Intellectual Forum is an inspiring, independent platform for a new generation with innovative views and opinions of the new generation of young Muslim intellectuals addressing the biggest challenges of our times to shape a better future. Bringing young intellectuals together to discuss and learn about a wide range of issues.
It will serve as an opportunity for young academics and experts to put forth their important contributions and papers into the international arena, to have their voices heard and make an impact through this medium, and to provide a platform of engagement between young academicians, researchers, and experts which enables and empowers them.


Islamic cooperation youth forum in partnership with Ibn Haldun University are honored to present the second  “International Muslim Intellectual Forum” (IMIF) under the theme of “Intellectual Independence Towards Measurement and Development”, to be held in Istanbul on 22-23 February 2020 as an output of strategic partnership between Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) and Ibn Haldun University, with the participation of  International Senior academicians as well as  outstanding young researchers. 

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) is an international university for the humanities and social sciences dedicated to promoting intellectual independence through what we call an “open civilization” approach. It provides a universal platform of scholarly engagement and a truly integrative educational experience for our multi-national, cross-cultural student body. In a historic city straddling two continents, home to many civilizations and great minds over centuries, IHU aims both to revitalize this rich heritage through diversified exposure to such great intellectual and civilizational legacies and to translate it into solutions for many of the contemporary world’s needs and problems. With distinguished faculty and students from over forty countries, it aspires to stay true to its word.

The IMIF is among the fourteen activities within the Joint Youth Action Plan that was adopted by the 3rd Session of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Minister (05-07 October 2016, Istanbul, Republic of Turkey). It is therefore a mandate for the ICYF to implement it in the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to enhance intellectual capacities of young generation and to create common interests and concerns, while deepening relations between leading Muslim scholars and new generation academicians in both the Muslim World and Muslim minorities.

About Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF):

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is an international affiliated organization to Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), ICYF was established at its Founding General Assembly held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 01-03 December 2004 in accordance with resolution No 15/31-C adopted by the 31st Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held on 14-16 June 2004 in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey. ICYF is an accredited diplomatic mission in Turkey with Headquarters in Istanbul and is the main OIC partner in youth-related matters.
ICYF Member Institutions consist of leading national and international youth organizations of OIC Member States as well as Muslim minorities of non-Muslim countries. The objectives of ICYF is to work in every field concerned with youth of the Muslim World in accordance with relevant OIC CFM resolutions. ICYF intends to continue serving Muslim youth in order to overcome their most pressing challenges. ICYF recognizes its need for the instrumental support and cooperation of OIC Member States in the way of realizing its noble mission.
The establishment of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is one of the OIC’s major milestones towards advancing youth development in member states. The endeavor is set to further develop youth capacities in all fields and is driven by the spirit of Islamic heritage and culture. This is achieved through professional programs and projects aimed at enhancing youth education, intellectual leadership and innovation, building of platforms for personal growth, startup and entrepreneurial opportunities, engagement in community building, innovation and business initiatives in addition to combating Islamophobia and extremism. The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum is very well placed to engage youth in effective cross cultural and civilizational dialogue, peacemaking and nation building.