Mutaz AlKhatib

Workshop Title: Youth and Moral Autonomy in the Digital Age

Ramon Harvey

Workshop Title: The Production and Communication of Islamic Research in the Contemporary World

In the digital age, many things are done by computer and large amount of information are available. Although, this fluidity of knowledge opens rich avenues to develop moral autonomous agents, it also raises questions about responsibility and autonomy of the users especially the youth. What are the sources of our moral judgments? How does social media affect our decisions? Does it undermine or strengthen the youth moral autonomy? How can they decide what is right or wrong from between contradicting opinions? What are the criterion to follow? This presentation will highlight the role of the individuals in moral reasoning and decision-making through discussing several concepts like rational and emotional, internal and external arguments.

The contemporary world poses many new questions for Islamic scholarship to answer. While traditional teaching methodologies remain important for mastering core texts and disciplines, academic institutions must address theoretical challenges that arise due to developments in human knowledge and practical problems thrown up by advances in technology and changes in society. This workshop will invite students to discuss the difference between traditional textual study and academic research, to reflect on the concept of ‘Islamic research’ and how it may be produced, and to explore the purposes and means for communicating it to a literate global audience.